3D Printing

Alloyco introduced 3D printing that allows you to do more, not only more creativity and complexity, but also more speed and flexibility.

We offer you the 3D printing service of your STL files in high resolution.

3D printing pushes the boundaries of jewelry manufacturing by solving the biggest design challenges for manufacturers, jewelers and artisans.

We are able to print your intricate jewelry designs with the finest features. Models are printed in 100% VisiJet wax with wax burning without ash residue. They are exceptionally precise and fine, allowing the casting of jewelry of perfect quality and increased efficiency. Our 3D printing results in best-in-class smooth casting designs.

Alloyco is your partner of choice in 3D printing services for the realization of your projects requiring a certain freedom in terms of design, precision and customization.

Our 3D printing is the tangible materialization of your creativity.

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Other services

Alloyco offers other services to manufacturers, jewelers and artisans. To find out about them, click here.