Types of casting

  • Vacuum casting
  • Vacuum casting with pressure
  • Centrifugal casting

Alloyco uses three casting methods, depending on the characteristics of the metal being cast. As in all other departments, our qualified employees are here to help you achieve the best casting.

Every step of the casting process is closely monitored to ensure the highest level of quality.

Casting Alloyco foundry 1990

Casting steps

  1. Selection of metals and carats
  2. Preparation of the casting shaft (tamping): we group items according to their size and the required casting temperature
  3. Preparation of the metal
  4. Vacuum plastering: we prepare a vacuum mix that is then poured into the cylinders
  5. Curing of the cylinders: the wax leaves an imprint that is ready to receive the selected metal
  6. Centrifugal or pressured vacuum casting
  7. Demolding of the casting shaft in two-stage : high pressure water and soaking to remove all plaster particles
  8. Drying
  9. Extraction of the pieces
  10. Quality control

Other services

Alloyco offers other services to manufacturers, jewelers and artisans. To find out about them, click here.